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Ferretti Group

The Ferretti Group is among the world leaders in the design, construction, and marketing of luxury motor yachts, with a unique portfolio of some of the world’s most exclusive nautical brands: Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Mochi Craft, CRN, and Custom Line. Tecnonautica’s support service includes all of these brands.

We represent and service Ferretti Yachts, a historical brand of the Group, established in 1968, active in the production of flybridge motor yachts from 14 meters to 27 meters;

Ferretti Yachts

Pershing S.p.A., acquired in 1998, specialized in the production of high performance open cruisers from 14 meters to 35 meters; again, our team follows your boats from A to Z. The long experience of technical assistance on board Pershing and the synergy that Tecnonautica has created with this brand has made it possible to know these hulls deeply, manage their characteristics, and improve a service that was already of a high level.

In May 2000, Riva joined the Ferretti Group, among the world leaders in luxury yachting. It is the beginning of a new season of development. From the fusion of technology, boating and design. Riva reinvents a contemporary, modern, current style that remains undisputed and recognizable, unique and unmistakable, whether it is the 33-foot Aquariva or the 115-foot Athena. Tecnonautica implements an after-sales and non-sales service of the prestigiorso brand, which is also part of the Ferretti Group.

Ferretti Group

Tecnonautica is Master Service point Itama, a brand acquired in 2004 by Ferretti Group and specialized in the production of open motor yachts from 13 meters to 24 meters; Tecnonautica is for you if you have an Itama boat.

Mochi Craft, which was acquired in 2001 in the Ferretti Group, is still active in the production of lobster boats from 13 meters to 23 meters and a 23-meter expedition boat model; Tecnonautica’s service includes Mochi for which it is its Master Service Point.

Ferretti Yachts
Ferretti Group

A world leader in the design and manufacture of marine accessories, Besenzoni offers an incomparable range of products: from windshields and gangways to table supports, davits, hydraulic and electric steering chairs, and the latest line of automated sliding hard top canopies. Tradition and innovation have been the lifeblood of the company for forty years, which has been able to combine special care for design and aesthetics with a great deal of research and development work. A brand found in an incredible number of boats, Tecnonautica has specialized in all Besenzoni products for many years. We have a large quantity of spare parts ready in stock, and operate within a short time in the case of maintenance, to ensure the highest level of service at all times.

Focchi Battelli Pneumatici was established in Ravenna in 1979. Main features: 1) the most important one undoubtedly is the one related to great sailing skills: incredible stability even in rough seas, guarantee of maximum relative dinghy/engine speed and minimum possible fuel consumption at cruising speed. 2) Choosing the best construction materials: strength, resistance to the elements and durability. 3) The Essential and Aerodynamic Design: every superfluous and non-“marine” element is eliminated, space on board is fully enjoyable, performance and safety are guaranteed.

Ferretti Yachts
Ferretti Group

Tecnicomar was founded in 1978 by Francesco De Vita with the goal of designing and building state-of-the-art reverse osmosis desalinators and potabilizers for marine and civilian use. Increasingly attentive to the needs of the market, it quickly gained international depth through an increasingly widespread sales network and technical support. Among the support reste is Tecnonautica, which operates in northeastern Italy, certainly in the area of recreational boating.

Kohler marine generators, market leaders with a range from 4 to 125 kW of power, have been further improved to increase quietness and efficiency while reducing their environmental impact. The new products, recently unveiled at the Miami Boat Show, are the result of a collaboration between Kohler and Saim, the Italian and French distributor of American generators and direct of Tecnonautica, for whom we also perform warranty services.

Ferretti Yachts

Condaria was born and developed particularly in the field of medium-power air conditioning for yachts and special shipbuilding. Specialized technology and “know-how” acquired over more than thirty years in this particular market have enabled Condaria to develop a line of plant components for specific use on boats. A brand now found in numerous units of Italian and foreign shipyards, Tecnonautica offers service, sales of spare parts and routine and extraordinary maintenance on these on-board systems as well.

A leading manufacturer of the highest quality maneuvering propellers, Side Power has also established itself in the Italian market for the products it offers. Again, the Tecnonautica team provides complete systems, service, spare parts and installations from scratch.


NAVIOP began its operation as the research and development division of the international Exor Group more than eight years ago. The goal is to create secure, reliable and advanced software applications for the marine automation industry. Today NAVIOP automates all on-board systems and displays them on a single touch-screen panel. You can visually monitor engine status, GPS and weather data, as well as on-board safety devices. Tecnonautica has specialized on this brand, which has now become an icon of the Ferretti Group.

Tecnonautica specializes in the largest brands of transmission manufacturers, including surface transmissions, Surface Drives.

Ferretti Yachts
High Pressure Watermakers

As Tecnonautica, we service this proven desalination plant platform HP, a manufacturer of desalination plants since 1995.

We are installers and service center for YACHT CONTROLLER brand products Winner of the “Best Technological Innovation” award at the Miami Boat Show and strong with over 3300 units installed on board more than 90 yacht manufacturers, YACHT CONTROLLER S.r.l. launches its new YACHT CONTROLLER Evo on the market The new YACHT CONTROLLER radio remote control, with its eye-catching design in metallic gray and blue colors replaces the previous YACHT CONTROLLER that until now has been a resounding success in the nautical world, even creating a new product sector.

Yacht Controller

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